What is Agritech?

Agritech is application of technology in the agriculture sector to better the food supply chain. 

AusAgritech is the voice of Agritechs in Australia

Australia is a world leader in the commercialisation of Agritech ideas and innovations.

There is an entire ecosystem of world-class Agritech companies based in all Australian States and Territories, making Australia one of the most dynamic Agritech sectors in the world.

AusAgritech and our members are playing an active role in shaping a clean, green, sustainable and resilient future for all Australians. 

Agritech is a standalone sector which applies technology to the agri-food supply chain, and contemporaneously crosses over into energy, water, sustainability, environment, climate, industry and emissions reduction.

The technology developed and commercialised by the Australian Agritech sector will be critical in Australia reaching its ambitions for productivity, sustainability, digitalisation, jobs growth, climate goals and emissions reduction. Australia’s leadership in other sectors e.g. mining can be replicated in the Agritech sector creating high value and regional jobs, revitalising the regional economy, digitalising regional Australia and leveraging Australia’s R&D capabilities to develop a new export sector.

Our world leading Agritech sector is on the frontline enabling on-farm and supply chain adoption of technology. It is the cornerstone of transforming the way we farm, how the supply chain operates, drives a world leading export reputation and is a key enabler of sustainability and climate adaptation through the development of commercial and scaled applied technology solutions. We exist to bring the Agritech sector to the table to grow a vibrant new industry.

We regularly update our ecosystem map – a comprehensive blueprint showing the different sectors in which innovators in our sector operate. 

This map showcases the diversity and complexity of the dynamic Agritech landscape in Australia, as well as the interwoven connections and potential for collaboration between organisations of all sizes. 

Are you an Australian Agritech not featured on the map? Submit your logo and bio to be included here, to ensure you have a seat at the table to shape the future of the Agritech sector. 

We are here to support Agritechs to master collaboration, which means working respectfully with alliance partners where everyone can contribute and earn, tweaking business models as needed to get better results for farmers, and being open to new ideas and opportunities...then we will deliver outstanding results across the agri-food supply chain and deliver the scale that is essential for a vibrant agritech sector in Australia.

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