Policy & Engagement

We have a strong policy agenda to grow the Australian Agritech sector and expand the impact of Agritech and its recognition as fundamental to Australia’s future prosperity. Our policy agenda supports the Agritech sector to drive productivity, enhance digitilisation across rural and regional Australia, solve some of Australia’s greatest challenges, create jobs, underpin economic growth and support Australian-based businesses.

Current Developments

We work closely with government, corporates and industry to advocate on behalf of the sector to help accelerate innovation and drive change and development in Agritech. 

Check out what we are currently working towards below. 

AusAgritech 2022 Federal Election Statement

In the lead up to and during the 2022 Federal Election, the Australian Agritech Association Inc. (AusAgritech) will be seeking a commitment from political parties for $100M investment over 5 years to fund a series of projects that will enhance and accelerate the agritech sector, and realise a potential $40Bn per annum value accretion to the Australian economy.

View the entire AusAgritech 2022 Federal Election Statement here

AusAgritech Partnership with CEAT

AusAgritech were thrilled to announce in November 2021 that Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT) have come on board as founding members for the association. 


At this time, Tracey Martin (CEO, AusAgritech), Andrew Coppin (Chair, AusAgritech) and Owen Atkin (Director, CEAT) began discussions as to how the collaboration between CEAT and AusAgritech could forge closer links between Agritech organisations and the research capacity of Australia's universities. 

CEAT and AusAgritech could work together to forge closer links between agri-tech companies and the research capacity of Australia’s universities. Also a part of the discussion was how the ANU could work with AusAgritech to identify the regulatory settings needed to support and stimulate a vibrant agri-tech industry in Australia and beyond. 


Keep an eye out for upcoming events in 2022 which aim to directly address these issues. 


CEAT is supporting AusAgritech as a Foundation Member; this reflects our shared goal of fostering a world-class agri-tech industry and ecosystem in Australia.

We work closely with government, corporates and the sector to develop new approaches which help accelerate innovation in Agritech and drive consumer and business demand for the sector.

AusAgritech Association is working to shape the policy outcomes that impact the Agritech sector in Australia and key inputs. We believe that Agritech is future-proofing Australia, and we are advocating on behalf of our members and wider ecosystem to build a vibrant Agritech sector in Australia.

In 2022, our specific policy proposals are designed to achieve three broad objectives: 

  1. Australia’s Agritech sector enables and empowers sustainable, purposeful and innovative organisations that are profitable and internationally competitive.

  2. Australia’s regulatory framework is clear, certain, coherent and fit for the purpose of shaping and advancing the Agritech sector into the future.

  3. To ensure the continued expansion of Australia’s role as a global Agritech innovation hub, and to continue to foster collaboration with other international centres of excellence through advocacy and government support

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