AusAgritech Summit Series 2022

Exploring the key issues that impact the Agritech landscape

AusAgritech Summit Series 2022

One of AusAgritech’s strategic objectives for 2022 is to explore the key issues that impact the diverse Agritech ecosystem. Discussing a range of topics from different angles, the purpose of our Summit Series is to develop inclusive recommendations and advocacy messages to Government and industry. 

With support of our members and Corporate partners, AusAgritech has organised three separate summit events for 2022:

National Agritech Summit

FRIDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2022 - Complete

Summit TBC

Have your say on the topic/panelists for the next summit

Summit TBC

AusAgritech has enlisted the help of Cox Inall dentsu to advise on the overall design of the Summit Series.

Each Summit will run as a single event with a chosen facilitation consultant and will include attendees and participants from across the Agritech ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, government, universities, investors, large corporations, incubators, mentors and support service providers.

Each Summit will explore a series of questions that directly relate to identifying emerging themes and collective actions.  A report will prepared to record the discussions that took place and capture the emerging themes.

We are seeking a sponsor or sponsors for the Summit Series - could this be you?

The Summit Series will be instrumental in identifying, exploring and actioning the key issues that the Australian Agritech ecosystem is facing today.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to bring the Summit Series to life, please get in touch below.