The Australian Farmer Digital Journal – The Australian Agritech Association Statement of Support

17th July 2023

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In many ways, Australia’s agricultural industry is now achieving its mission of being a globally recognised supplier of clean and green food and fibre. However, as the population in our regional neighbourhoods further accelerates, overseas competition will be vying for what is an unprecedented economic opportunity. 

Most now acknowledge that science, technology, and innovation will be the defining factor in deciding which country gets the biggest piece of this immense large and growing international market in the coming decades and beyond. Australia, fortunately, already has a lot of the relevant infrastructure in place to help foster the technological innovation that has the opportunity to strengthen the country’s defining factor. These include, world class universities, Rural RDCs, government grant schemes, private sector investment, 100+ agricultural peak body associations, and a dynamic start up culture. And, for tomorrow’s farmer workforce, agriculture education in high schools is popular again. 

Giving access to the latest theory and practice of agricultural science, technology, and innovation to our regional agricultural developers, is another key building block in a nation’s successful food-fibre ecosystem. The Australian Agritech Association has initiated a partnership with The Australian Farmer (TAF) in mid-2023 including a commitment to author in the publication and digital distribution along with this letter of support.

Multi-decade NFP specialist publishing firm One Mandate Group’s digital journal The Australian Farmer (TAF), a deluxe free of charge online publication, has for 6 years been delivering a definitive informational resource direct on these and related disciplines to most of the country’s farmer population. I understand there are a number of ways invited organisations can get involved in TAF to share their unique story widely and participate in a worthwhile dialogue about the dynamics of our country’s evolving agricultural economy. I encourage those that are seeking a national farmer-agri stage in an environment of prestige and authority to speak with One Mandate Group’s senior management to learn more about their offerings.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Coppin,

President, The Australian Agritech Association

Author: AusAgritech

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