MEDIA RELEASE: Nutrien Ag Solutions and AusAgritech announce ambitions to nurture the growth and impact of Australian agriculture sector

30 August 2022 – Nutrien Ag Solutions and the Australian Agritech Association (AusAgritech) have today announced Nutrien Ag Solutions’s membership of the Association as a Corporate Partner to further nurture the potential of the rapidly growing agritech sector and the emerging talent within it.

Nutrien Ag Solutions has a keen interest in digital agriculture and belief in the potential for technology in making a tangible impact on farms is what attracted Nutrien Ag Solutions to membership with the rapidly growing AusAgritech.

With around 4,000 employees across the country, Nutrien Ag Solutions provides agricultural services and inputs to farmers in Australia.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Head of Digital, Mike Efron, says Nutrien Ag Solutions is investing in digital tools and innovative solutions that improve outcomes for farmers.

“Our team at Nutrien Ag Solutions visits many paddocks and agricultural sites all around Australia. We have a substantial role to play as the industry rapidly shifts to digital solutions and technology to support the growth and sustainability of their farms,” said Mr Efron.

“Nutrien Ag Solutions is looking forward to working with AusAgritech to progress the industry and unlock further opportunities for our growers to access the right tools, technology and data to deliver a more productive, sustainable and profitable farming business.”

Tracey Martin, CEO of AusAgritech, said that gaining the support of Nutrien Ag Solutions was an indication of the strong position and growth potential of the AusAgritech membership and wider agritech ecosystem, and the possibility for rural and regional growth and emerging talent in the sector.

“Agritech poses an incredible opportunity for rural and regional economic growth and development, as well as the development of talent that will contribute to further innovation in the agricultural sector and agritech ecosystem in Australia,” Ms Martin said.

“AusAgritech is excited to welcome Nutrien Ag Solutions as Corporate Partners. We look forward to working together on our shared objective of providing farmers and producers with opportunities and avenues for growth using agrifood technologies and innovation.”

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