Australian agritech and UAE come together on shared climate challenges and innovation

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Being a primary producer in Australia means battling diverse weather, droughts, floods, aridity and salinity across a variety of components within the agrifood supply chain.

Australia is the second-driest continent on Earth. Despite its most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), incorporating large areas of desert, 81 per cent of its landmass is used for agriculture. As water resources become more valuable, Australia finds itself in an increasing climatic challenge not too dissimilar for many of the primary producers across the Middle East.

It is this shared experience of climatic resilience that has Australian agritech companies looking to expand and export their latest innovations to the UAE, including a delegation of innovators from the state of NSW, at this year’s Agra Middle East (AgraME) conference being run from December 8-9 in Dubai.

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